You know what's frustrating?

When brilliance strikes in the shower, and you have nothing to write on.

Your best comebacks, business ideas, and creative strokes of genius. All wasted...

Well, no longer!!

It's An Undeniable Fact

You Think Best In the Shower

👉 ask the big questions

👉 map out million dollar ideas

👉 compose your greatest comebacks

👉 set goals

👉 jot down your gratefuls

👉 leave your significant otter spicy love notes

Guaranteed Not to Wash Off

Using the Showerthoughts Board you can finally let your brilliance flow from the comfort and moistness of your own shower. 

No matter how wet it gets. 

Get your ShowerThoughts Board

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In support of Mental Health

1 in 5 live with a mental health condition. It's totally normal, but worth recognizing and supporting.

Be kind to your mind (and the minds of others).

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