End this vicious cycle!

Brilliance strikes in the shower. 💡🚿

But you have nothing to write on. 💢

Your best comebacks, business ideas, shower thoughts and creative strokes of genius. All wasted... 😭

Let's face it. You're one smart cookie, but you've got the attention span of a gold fish. You're 'neuro-diverse' which means flashes of brilliance and timely reminders come fast and often. 📈

But they leave even quicker! 📉

So many of these game-changing ideas come in the shower. Because that's where you feel present, moist, calm, and safe.. ☁️

But then there's nothing to write on in the shower!! 🤬

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👈 this is you

stop wasting your shower thoughts

a pie chart showing you have shower thoughts

You Think Best In the Shower

The phenomenon of "shower thoughts" is understudied and undervalued.

For some reason, people like you think best and clearest in the 'rain office.'

How many earth-shatteringly-good thoughts have you had in the shower?

How many have you forgotten?

100% Waterproof

When you use the ShowerThoughts Board you'll finally let your brilliance flow from the comfort and moistness of your own shower. 

No matter how wet it gets. 

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