ShowerThoughts Board

$22.50 $25

You get your best thinking done in the shower—why let it go to waste?

This is the waterproof whiteboard for the shower you're looking for.

The ShowerThoughts Board is perfect for:

  • inspired insights
  • epiphanies
  • works of art
  • lists
  • scheduling you day
  • spicy love notes
  • goal-setting
  • gratefuls
  • shower thoughts 


🚿 Writing surface is 10" x 7".

🚿 Comes with: board, suction cup, hook, 1 eraser, 1 pencil.

🚿 Thoughts not included.

🚿 The pencil does not work like a whiteboard marker (because then it wouldn't be waterproof!). It's a wax base that makes the writing waterproof, but makes it harder to erase. The eraser + soap remove the markings.  

*30 day money-back guarantee — if you aren't satisfied with your order, we will refund you for the price of the ShowerThoughts Board, no sweat. Please review our policy for more details. 

Customer Reviews

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Capturing inspiration

I do strategy design for work and often the right model doesn't come into my head until i'm in the shower. This is perfect to capture my thoughts and when I'm finished I can take the whiteboard to my desk and type up my notes. 10/10.

Robert Rendell
Tap into your creative subconscious

Disco showers= turn all the lights off so it's pitch black in the bathroom (increases melotonin secretion) and have the mad tunes blasting so the neighbours know you are dancing in the shower.
But don't slip and make sure you learn to write in the dark as well!
22.10.21 Spotify / iTunes release

Cherise Angelotti
I haven't received yet

Hopefully an Australia Post issue, but haven't received order yet. So I'll wait a little longer and hopefully edit this review when it arrives ☺️

Nathan Cowie
Great, Unique Product

The crayon-like, waterproof pen that comes with this whiteboard is a fantastic idea. Its easy to write with and stays on without fading. Erasing isnt easy, but apart from that the product exceeded my expectations in every way.

Jack Plyler

The ShowerThoughts board is better than I expected.

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